About Saber

About Saber

Saber Languages brings languages alive.We develop communicative language and culture courses with the most important ingredient, passion! We are engaging native teachers who love to share our passion for languages and cultures.

Our long experience and expertise in teaching foreigners all around the world guarantees effective results and enjoyable lessons.

Enroll in Spanish or English courses and truly live the language! Our speedy and dynamic teaching method, the unique Saber Method, is our key to your success.

Laura Beatriz Janousek

Laura Janousek

Spanish teacher and Language Coordinator

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Laura developed her passion for languages and literature at a young age. Her eagerness to discover other cultures took her to Brazil, where she founded her passion and vocation in teaching Spanish to foreigners. While living and working in Brazil, Hong Kong and now in Holland, she gained a multicultural experience that gave her the flexibility and ability to work with students from various cultural backgrounds.

As a holder of a Master in Education in Spanish as a Second Language, she approaches every student as an individual, with their unique learning strategies and their specific needs and goals.

Why Saber?

Why Saber has such a good relationship with companies and individuals?

Our language training is effective, enjoyable and always motivates you to learn more.

  • Flexibility
  • Tailor-made learning programs
  • Learning with motivation
  • Professionalism and enthusiasm
  • Engaging
  • Achievement of goals and expectations

More reasons to start language training with Saber?


Engaging, supportive and always positive. My Spanish teacher Laura was one of the best teachers that I have ever had. Here ability to engage me with the material was always impressive and she provided great variety of resources and paced the lessons according to my needs. Her positive attitude was infectious and I would highly recommend anyone to have Laura as their teacher.

Mission and Vision

Saber’s mission is to provide high quality education in the Spanish language and culture in the most efficient way. Saber is a young company, created from the wish to help people to communicate in a foreign language without barriers. Our custom-made courses are designed for adults who are interested in learning a new language for personal or business reasons.


Saber’s vision focuses on the students and personalized service to them. At Saber the students will not only achieve their goals, they will also be impressed with the extra-linguistic knowledge they will gather. Their learning process will raise awareness of lingüistic and cultural diversity. It will also promote better understanding of other people and their lifestyle.