Study trips
These trips are essential for professionals who need to learn more about the Hispanic culture while training their communication skills with local Hispanic people.
With the guidance of our experienced and professional teacher, you will have an unforgettable language and cultural experience.WEEKEND IN SPAIN

  • 3 complete days in Alicante:
  • Thursday night fly to Alicante.
  • Sunday night fly back to Alicante
  • Activities designed to develop your communication skills while your talk to local people.
  • You will discover the city and its secrets
  • You will participate in two culinary workshops.
  • This is a weekend for you to feel a little bit Spanish and to experience the Spanish lifestyle.

Intensive and semi-intensive courses in Alicante

  • 7 to 14 days in Alicante
  • Dates to be arranged

This study trips combines Spanish lessons, cultural activities, and workshops in the city.


Cultural workshops: In our effort to divulgate the cultural manifestation of the language, we organize tapas, tango and salsa workshops, and we encourage learners to participate on many of the cultural event that are happening in Holland and in Europe.

Grammar reinforce workshops: Three-hour workshops in order to reinforce certain grammatical aspects that have traditionally been considered complex.

Tango and salsa workshops: For those who would like to learn the Hispanic culture through its dance.

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