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Saber way

The Saber teaching Method, The Saber Way®, focuses on developing the students’ communication skills by combining language and culture in dynamic and enjoyable lessons. Try it out! You will be absolutely impressed with our enthusiastic and professional teachers and with the effectiveness of the course.Read More

We understand that every one of us has different ways of absorbing information and expressing themself. That’s why we offer tailor-made courses with our unique teaching method: a combination of learning to communicate while using the correct language structure and contextualized vocabulary.We know that all acts of speech occur in a specific situation that we name language activity. These language activities are reproduced during the lessons taking into account the target language knowledge level and the abilities and know-how (learning strategies) of the student. You will be impressed with how much more you can do with your new language. Certainly more than you think!

We also know that sometimes “just the language” it´s not enough. Communication has also a cultural aspect, that it´s vital for the effective communication. Therefore, we always include intercultural communication in our courses.

We tailor our content to your context!


Blended learning

If you prefer to have total freedom to choose the time and place where you want to study, we offer blended learning courses, which are a combination of face-to-face lessons and e-learning lessons via our e-learning platform.

On-line training via conference video with your teacher

An ideal training for those who travel regularly or for those who want to follow lesson from their house or work.


Our approach at Saber Languages

Your three steps to starting on the Saber way®:

1. We start with a short free interview during which your language knowledge level will be determined and where we will discuss your needs, learning goals, and time flexibility to identify precise training needs.
2. Based on this information and availability, a course programme is then designed.
3. You can start your course at your convenience time and schedule.
A specialized trainer, who is native speaker, delivers the course.

During your course, your progress and your learning plan will be regularly evaluated.
You will receive a final report of your achievements at the end of the course.